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Brett is an innovative thinker, creative writer and brilliant producer with a talent for managing complex, detailed projects. He has worked as a senior strategist and copywriter for ad agencies around Australia and SE Asia. Fluent in Indonesian, Brett has spent 18 years working, living and exploring throughout Asia. This breadth of personal and professional experience gives Brett his edge. Managing teams of over 200, Brett has written, produced and directed ad campaigns, video shoots, festivals, stage shows, video mapping projects and installation art for 20+ years, working for the world’s biggest brands. Creative, detail oriented and organised, Brett works with clients to get the story right, followed by managing the entire production process and final deliverables. Brett is switched on, thorough, organised, and creative.


Art Director/Writer

Heidi is a cross-platform creative genius with over 18 years experience in the creative industries. She has worked for design studios, ad agencies and run two boutique creative agencies. An expert in publishing, Heidi has creative directed numerous magazines and books from concept to branding, art and production. A skilled writer, Heidi has produced content for international brands, advertising, tv, books and film. An artist and fashion designer, Heidi’s work has been exhibited in Australia, Singapore and on the runway at Melbourne Fashion Week. Heidi has worked as a Creative for brands and organisations around Asia: from global brands to aid organisations. Heidi’s depth of artistry, storytelling skills and drive to do meaningful work, is what gives her edge as a creative and art Director.