Hello! Yes! Karate Chop!


Yes! You want to work with us!
Great! As a Creative Boutique agency, we can design, direct and produce across all creative disciplines. We can start in a variety of ways depending on where your project is at right now.
That may be:

1. You're looking for a big, audacious launch of a large complex project or business and need a plan to make it all come together.
2. You have a product, service, campaign to design and launch, but don't have a creative strategy.
3. You have a brand concept, but need to devise a brand manual and style guide to design the creative direction of the project.
4. You know what you want and how you want it to look (i.e. have a logo, brand manual and style guide) and need a writer, art director, and/or creative producer to make it happen.
5. You have an existing project that's gone pear-shaped, and you need a gung-ho producing team to step in to Program Manage and implement.


If you have a project that you are ready to start, we will give you 30 minutes in the form of a Skype (or same such) to explore what you need, how we will work, and where to begin. We will then devise a quote to start.

Designing the process and pathway forward provides the foundations for great work. We like to plan our workflow in partnership with you, in alignment with your goals and objectives and enjoy designing projects accordingly for outstanding results.


Integrated Strategy
For entrepreneurial, high growth businesses, Hiiiya will work with you and your team to produce an Integrated Strategy. Hiiiya draws on over 20 years of experience working with both start-ups and some of the worlds largest brands to design an Integrated Strategy that considers your Operational, Financial, Brand and Marketing objectives.

Creative Innovation and Concepting
We work with you from inception level creative development to design dynamic, cut through creative projects, that are practical, and implementation ready, in alignment with your objectives and overarching strategy. This may include graphic design, illustration, storyboarding, video treatments, copywriting and scripting.

Brand Manual and Style Guide
New and relaunched products need a foundation to design your creative brief of all your advertising and promotional activity. Hiiiya works with you to produce a best-in-class Brand Manual and Style guide for your product.

With creative concepting complete, Hiiiya plans and schedules implementation.
We'll work with your teams as required and follow your preferred reporting lines.

Print Art Direction
Creative Art Direction
Event Design
Video, animation, games etc.